Recruitment Agency Singapore

Getting the best employees for your company is the aim of the recruitment process. Recruitment means not only getting employees for a particular position which lies vacant in your office rather it means finding and after duo selection and inspection selecting the best applicants from the lot for the vacant position in the organization. Recruitment, thus is a very important process when it comes for selection of key positions in an organization. A mistake in this process can lead to catastrophic results which will undermine the potential and value of the company’s efficiency.


The process of recruitment can be divided into five different parts:

Requisition of employees

This means that when a vacant position is present in the company, it is brought to the notice of the authority concerned or the human resource manager that there is a need of an employee in the vacant position.

Identification of the sources of recruitment

This process involves determining the different sources from which the employee can be recruited. The sources can be classified into two heads : a. internal sources and b. external sources

Invitation to Interested parties

This process involves inviting applicants to apply for the post in the company.

Preparing the list of deserving Applicants

On receipt of applications, those who meet the criterion are selected and a list of deserving applicants is prepared.

Interview and Selection Process

The shortlisted candidates are then selected with the help examination or interview. And the selected applicants are then recruited in the company

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These recruitment agency Singapore are masters of their craft and know perfectly what you are looking for when you tell the standard and the criterion that you wish the candidates for the post to meet. As such taking the help of such agencies will make your selection process easier and less tedious and the end product i.e. the employees recruited by you will be of supreme quality.

The best part about these recruitment agency Singapore is that they charge a nominal fee for the work done by them as such you get a value for money option to make sure that the candidate selected by you pays more dividend.