According to Kotler, the great management guru, “recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in an organization and making sure that the best applicants are selected for the job”. As such recruitment is probably the most important part of human resource management as only this will ensure that the best and the most productive employees are recruited which will ultimately affect the productivity and proficiency of the company in a huge manner.

Recruitment Agency

The Different Sources of Recruitment

Recruitment can be done in two ways from two different sources:

Internal Sources: This refers to making use of the employees available within the organization to fill up the vacant position in the company. This can be done in three ways:

  1. Transfer: Meaning transfer of employee from one place to fill up the vacant position.
  2. Promotion: Promoting an employee to fill up the position lying vacant.
  3. Laid off workers brought back to fill up the place is also a great option in internal sources.
  4. External Sources: This involves filling up of the vacant position in the organization with the help of candidates from outside the organization. The most prominent method of external recruitment is recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency is an agency that helps you in the process of recruitment i.e. it makes sure that the best personnel are selected for any position lying vacated in the organization. These agencies have applicants registered with them for the purpose of employment into various posts in an organization and they make use of this data base of theirs to choose, select and recruit the

Advantages of a Recruitment Agency

  1. QUALIFIED PERSONNEL : The recruitment agency has numerous highly qualified people registered with them which gives an opportunity to the organization to select qualified personnel which reaps huge dividends for the company as all such recruits are skilled in their jobs as well as experienced in their line of work.
  2. Fresh talent: The recruitment agency helps people with new and modern ideas to enter the organization and with the influx of fresh talent in the organization the organization benefits in terms of new and fresh ideas as well as new people.
  3. Wider choice: With the help recruitment agency the number of prospective employees increase manifold which in turn increase the area of choice. The company has the chance and the opportunity to appoint the most talented personnel after taking into consideration the talent and capability of all the applicants.
  4. Less chance of favoritism: A recruitment agency makes it possible that the entire process of recruitment takes place without any partiality or favoritism.

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