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Are you looking to visit Singapore? Let it be a business visit or your purpose is getting employment here, you need to have complete information about visa requirements, procedure to apply for the visa, required documents, visa fees and a lot more information. Your Singapore visa may be rejected just because of a minor misinformation or not fulfilling a small requirement even. This is where you need experts’ advice as well as guidance for the complete process.

Aisearch Services has years of experience in dealing with Singapore visas for corporate and individual clients from around the world. Whether you are planning to open a company in Singapore, looking to get employment here, want to visit for short or long term, we have the complete information about all types of visas for Singapore.

With our extensive experience, we can find the best visa solution for you within a few hours and as a result your Singapore visa is processed quickly and you get it on time. By having Aisearch Services’ visa consultation, you not only save your time, but money as well and above all you get all things hassle free.

Our process is very simple; all we want to know is your purpose of visit. We then gather the requirements for particular visa type and as you provide the details, we process your application. If you’re planning to visit Singapore, contact our visa consultants now and get your visa application processed on priority basis.

You will need to have extensive information and research regarding visa especially if you’re travelling to Singapore for the first time. Or else, if you’re residing in Singapore and want your partner to join you here, or you want to sponsor any other family member, you’re looking to bring in a maid, want to hire staff for your business and looking to process their visa or whatever the purpose is, we have solutions for your all needs. All you need to do is to get connected with us and write us the required type of visa. We’ll make sure to get it done on high priority basis.

Our Singapore Visa services are for individuals as well as for businesses. For individuals we provide solutions for EntrePass, S Pass, Dependant Pass, Long Term Social Visit Pass, and Training Employment Pass etc. Our business services include Employment Pass, Dependant Pass, Long Term Social Visit Pass, EntrePass etc.

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