The Work Holiday Programme is applicable to:

  • University undergraduates and graduates aged 18 to 25 of all nationalities studying in universities in the eight countries/territories: Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.

The universities include those ranked among the top 200 for overall academic performance in any of the following international rankings.

For undergraduates: they must be resident and full-time students of the university for at least three months prior to the submission of the WHP application.

For graduates: they are required to be former resident and full-time students of the university.

The Work Holiday Programme has a capacity for 2,000 applicants at any one point in time and applicants must not hold a Work Holiday Pass within 12 months from the submission of the application. Successful applicants who have obtained the Work Holiday Pass are allowed to live and work in Singapore for up to six months and are not restricted to only specific types of work. However, existing licensing, registration or accreditation requirements (e.g. medicine or law) will apply. For more information on occupations that require prior approval, please click here.

Documents Required

These documents and information are required for the Work Holiday Pass:

  • A letter from the awarding institution (i.e. University/College) stating the applicant’s matriculation, name, nationality, gender and date of birth
  • A copy of the degree certificate or transcripts (for graduates only)
  • A copy of the student card issued by the awarding institution (for undergraduates only)
  • A copy of the personal particulars page of the applicant’s passport/travel document

Important information:

Applicants who hold non-English degree certificates, transcripts or letters from the University/College are required to submit a copy of the original papers and the official English translation certified by the University/College.


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